Cat were once worshipped as Gods in ancient Egypt. Cat know this!

Hieroglyphics adorned the walls of palaces and pyramids depicting these revered creatures. One must wonder though, were there any carvings depicting a pharaoh shaking a scolding finger at a cat gleefully swinging from the royal draperies?

cat senior Fast forward to modern day, where much has changed for the little furry gods. Far from strolling lush palatial grounds, most kitties are kept strictly indoors due to the potential dangers facing them outside. Coyotes, fisher cats, dogs and raccoons are among the biggest threats to an outdoor cat’s life, not to mention cars and other cats. Fleas and ticks can also be an unpleasant, and costly, problem if prevention is not used.

If a cat owner is going to make the decision to keep their cat indoors for life, they must provide a stimulating and happy environment in which the kitty can thrive.

Every cat is unique and owners must provide ways to keep boredom at bay. A bored cat can become a frustrated, anxious cat, leading to behavioral problems such as destructive scratching, inappropriate litter box habits, or overgrooming. It is important for first-time as well as seasoned cat owners to brush up on helpful tips to keep their feline content. In addition to annual veterinary wellness exams, including vaccines and screening labwork as indicated, you should feel comfortable asking your veterinarian and their staff for ways to keep your kitty happy for many years to come.

Here are some more tips to keep your indoor feline friends happy!